Every February, this proud nation takes a moment to gather, stuff our faces with as many meat and cheese combination as possible, and watch a bunch of giant, rich men smash bodies. But did you know that according to science, there are good and bad cities for your Sunday watch party?

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The Super Bowl is the great equalizer: whether you're betting-obsessed, commercial-obsessed, or just there for the dips, there's something for everyone. But what if you really are only there for the game? Sounds foreign to someone like me. I'll watch, sure, but I'm more of a cultural experience kind of guy. I love the idea of joining millions of people all across the country in a collective and simultaneous experience (plus the Doritos commercials are always hilarious). But new research argues that there are actual methods to determine if your hometown is supportive of your fandom, and if you live in one specific town in the Hudson Valley, you're in luck.

"Best Towns for Football Fans"

WalletHub recently released 2022's Best and Worst Cities for Football Fans. Using data points such as number of nearby teams, the value of said teams, as well as more granular data like the amount of head coaches that passed through town over the last decade, all helped determine their rankings. The also broke down their research into cities they designated as "small", "mid-sized", and "large".

Who's the Worst?

Of the 245 cities on their list, there was one New York town in the bottom five. The central New York city of Ithaca, where your faithful author went to college, was listed as the 242nd best place for fans of the ol' pigskin toss. Honestly, with the passion we had for Cortaca, our annual Ithaca-Cortland Division III matchup, I'm surprised it wasn't ranked higher. Hell, that game even gets broadcast on ESPN 11 (or something) from time to time. At least they're not Providence, RI, Valparaiso, IN, or St. George, UT, the 3 lowest-ranked cities.

Who's the Best?

According to the research, Pittsburgh, PA is the number one city for football fans. Looking at their methods, that should come as almost no surprise. Tons of championships, steady coaching tenures, and a celebrated quarterback combine to make one hell of a football town. I've also met more non-resident Steeler fans than any other team in my travels across the country. But what about New York, and more specifically, the Hudson Valley?

Top New York Towns

First, New York City was the highest ranking in our state, coming in at sixth place. But there was a high-ranking Hudson Valley town, too. West Point, NY was listed 37th overall, and FIFTH in small city rankings. Poughkeepsie made the list as well, at 112 in the overall rankings and 60th in small cities.

So, where should you watch the Super Bowl this year? According to the people in the lab coats, you have two great options in the Hudson Valley to choose from. Still need to fuel up for the big game? Check out facts about the 2022 Super Bowl venue below, plus keep scrolling for the best wings in the Hudson Valley to devour while watching elite athletes perform at superhuman levels.

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