The Hudson Valley has spoken!

When it comes to eating a meal many of us plan our weekly menus based on what will be just as good to eat as leftovers. "Two meals for the price of one" is what my mom used to say...LOL! I know that anytime I make meatloaf for dinner at my house I can't wait until the next day's lunch to make what I think just might be the best sandwich ever made.


Meatloaf Sandwiches

I made meatloaf over the weekend and can't stop thinking about the sandwich I plan to make after work today. A slice of COLD meatloaf in between two slices of Wonder bread, a little ketchup, and BOOM you have one of the best sandwiches ever made!! Now if you've never tried it, the next time you make meatloaf, hold on to a slice for the next day's lunch and try it, you'll thank me later...LOL!

We received numerous text messages from fellow meatloaf sandwich fans all across the Hudson Valley that agree its a great sandwich but according to Krista in Poughkeepsie and Melaiss in Wappingers Falls, we need to add mayonnaise and or potato bread to make it even better. Cheryl in Danbury texted us, "Don’t forget to try the meatloaf sandwich with mayonnaise and bread and butter pickles."

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