I took a trip up to Watervliet to visit my former college roommate and his girlfriend, and they said that I had to try Ted's Fish Fry, which was only a couple blocks from their place. They said it was to die for, and boy, were they not kidding. My buddy recommended getting the fish fry with onion rings. On top of that, I got an order of crab cakes. It was so delectable! The fish fry was tasty with the right amount of lemon juice and tartar sauce, and the crab cakes were huge! Needless to say, I walked out of their stuffed! Honestly, if there was a Ted's in Poughkeepsie, it would easily be on this list.

Google Maps, Ted's Fish Fry
Google Maps, Ted's Fish Fry

I made a comment while we were there that Ted's must be a hot spot during Lent. I was told that the place would be overridden with customers during this time of year. That conversation got me thinking, where are the best fish fry locations around Poughkeepsie? Unfortunately, growing up, I typically relied on McDonald's or Wendy's for their fish sandwiches. Otherwise, I would just have pasta or pizza to make sure I wasn't eating any meat.

Where Are The Best Fish Fries in Poughkeepsie?

So, I did a Google search to see where around Poughkeepsie offered a good fish fry. Some locations surprised me, to be honest, while others made total sense. Typically, when I do these lists, I have a decent sense of the restaurants and their selection, but this time, I have to admit I haven't tried much of these locations fish selections. With Lent starting today, I think I will take this as an opportunity to enjoy what this list has to offer.

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Are there are other great places that offer a great fish fry, or seafood in general? Let us know, especially because I want to try something new for dinner tonight.

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