So, last week I did a Top 20 of McDonald's Restaurants in the Mid-Hudson Valley. This week, we move away from The Clown, and shine the light on The King, Burger King that is! Honestly, I'm not sure which mascot is creepier, but that unmoving plastic face of The King is a little unnerving...

Personally, out of the Top 3 (McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's), I think I like the Whopper and the chicken nuggets the most. This list is not about my opinion, it is based on the numbers that I found through Google Reviews.

First of all, there are less Burger King's in the are compared to McDonald's. In fact, it looked like McDonald's has about twice the amount of locations in the Mid-Hudson Valley compared to Burger King.

Unlike our McDonald's list from last week, we have a Burger King location that actually hits the 4.0 Stars mark. Perhaps more people are like me, and prefer the Whopper over the Big Mac.

Something exciting I noticed was that the Top 2 spots are held by the same town! We have towns with multiple top-rated Burger King's, but I was impressed to see this one town in particular have the Top 2 spots. Do you think you know which two they are? Also, I feel pretty comfortable about the location that is Number 1 because it has the second highest amount of reviews. A store may have a solid rating, but I appreciate a location that has a strong rating along with many reviews. Overall, none of these locations are rated lower than 3.7 Stars, and have no less than 300 reviews.

Is your favorite Burger King on the list? What other fast food chains would you like us to cover? Let us know on our social media pages, or message us in the app!

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