You can support beloved animals and learn more about the adoption process. There are so many animals in the Hudson Valley that are in need of a loving home and it seems like the issue gets worse and worse. The Beekman Library is a very cute library and they are trying to bring some awareness to the issue by hosting a special give back opportunity.


How will the Beekman Library help local animals?

Well, they will be helping a few ways, The Beekman Library will be teaming ip with the Dutchess County SPCA for  'The Great Give Back'. The library will be collecting in-demand items for the organization and will have Dutchess County SPCA members come into the library to talk and for all adoption questions. How cool....

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When will 'The Great Give Back' be going on?

It's already started and it will go until October 15th. On October 15th, Dutchess County SPCA staff will be at the library to answer any animal adoption questions. That's a great way to get people involved.

What are some of the items that the Dutchess County SPCA needs and can be dropped off at the Beekman Library?

Here's a few:

  • paper towels
  • towels
  • flat sheets
  • comforters
  • blankets (unfrayed and no fringe) & more

The Beekman Library is located at 11Town Center Boulevard  in Hopewell Junction, NY. A big thank you to the library and the Dutchess County SPCA for putting all of this together and all they do to support animals and families in the Hudson Valley.

Since we are helping, here are more animals that need placement and dog parks that are in the area:

Hudson Valley Humane Society Seeking Urgent Placements for Pets

They are going to be doing construction and that means that there will be loud noises and construction which may be disturbing to some of their residents.

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