A HUGE celebrity used to frequent the Dutchess County area.

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The name of this next town seriously sounds like it belongs in a Hallmark movie. There are some really cool areas in the Hudson Valley and there are TON of little towns and hamlets that make it up. What's the next hamlet we are exploring?

Where is the hamlet of Barrytown?

Google Maps/ Canva
Google Maps/ Canva

Barrytown is located within the town of Red Hook and everyone knows that's right in Dutchess County. Something really cool facts about Barrytown is that it was named after President Andrew Jackson's Postmaster General who had the name William Taylor Barry and served in the capacity from 1829-1835. How cool is that? According to officials, there are also four very large estates that are near the area and those are Edgewater, Massena, Rokeby and Sylvania. Another notable fact is that they are within the National River Historic District and the National Historic Landmark.

What famous celebrity had a big connection to Barrytown, NY?

Sources say, film star Greta Garbo (who was once called one of the greatest screen actresses of all time) used to visit Barrytown a lot and she was frequently visit a friend who lived there. Could you imagine seeing her?

Have you ever been to Barrytown before? Do you know anyone who has lived there or lives there currently? Do you know more cool towns we can check out? Share your information with us on the station app.

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