A piece of cardboard stuck under a shopping cart along the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing, New Jersey caught my attention recently.

Let me explain before I need help with an explanation.

As I'm driving to work, I saw an Acme shopping cart on its side just off of the shoulder of the Pike. No big deal -- there are shopping carts there all of the time. However, this cart had a piece of cardboard stuck under it and I saw something was written on it.

Intrigued, I made two U-turns and stopped at the cart to see what was written.

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It reads, "Do u even know why u r shooting me," followed by "Happy Halloween," something that looks like "Bourne Identity," "ha ha," and maybe a crude drawing of a camera.

Curious note on the side of the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

Now, I'm not entirely sure what that means. I've never seen "The Bourne Identity" from beginning to end but Googling that quote didn't directly reveal that it was from that movie. And I'm not sure what Halloween has to do with it.

And, beyond that, why was this written on a piece of cardboard that was stuck under a shopping cart that was on the side of the road? No one would ever see it (except for me, obviously). And it wasn't like the cardboard got stuck there by accident -- it was pretty well attached to the cart.

Since taking that picture this morning, I keep thinking that there was a camera hidden in the woods seeing if anyone would actually stop to read the sign. I mean, it seems possible. I guess.

Curious note found under a shopping cart on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

And I should point out that this isn't the first time that I have stumbled upon cryptic, curious notes on the side of a road. Just last year, a small index card stapled to a pole on the Parkway also made me stop and do some crude investigative work.

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