So you are sitting at home, trying to work remotely or maybe you are someone who is now without a job and you are searching the internet looking for jobs. Do you need a small distraction? How about spending a few minutes with the New York State Bird, the Eastern Bluebird.

  • The Eastern Bluebird became the state bird in 1970
  • Nelson Rockefeller with the Governor who signed it into law
  • The Eastern Bluebird is also the State Bird of Missouri
  • The Bluebird is one of the first birds that will return to the area (late March, early April) and start building their nests in the Spring.
  • The Bluebird has been known (according to the DEC website) spot an insect at a distance of 100 feet away.

Are you a bird watcher? Have you set up a bird house (or two) in your yard? Want to see one of these birds in action? Here is alink to an Eastern Bluebird nest, click here. Yes, it has come to that.  Do you have a nest cam? Let's us know and we will be happy to add it here so others can check it out.

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