Going to the grocery store has become quite the chore over the past 6 months or so. It really has become one of those things that I dread lately. They're often packed and the prices are getting to be absolutely insane. It doesn't matter if I have 5 things or 12 things on my list I'm most likely going to spend over $100 on my visit.

Even though I'm not happy about the prices I don't plan on stealing anything so I don't like being treated like a criminal. Who does?

There's a particular store in the Hudson Valley that annoyingly checks receipts before you leave. They check receipts but not all of them for some reason.

I was exiting the store with my bag full of items. I was just about out of the door when I was asked to stand in a line and wait behind others to have my receipt verified. Who has time for this and also why are you assuming I stole something? To my surprise the line moved relatively quickly because I noticed the clerk wasn't checking everyone's receipt.

It would be one thing if they checked every single receipt but that wasn't the case. They let one woman go without asking to see her receipt and then they didn't check the gentlemen directly ahead of me who was dressed in military fatigues but they decided to stop me who was wearing gym shorts, sandals and a t-shirt.

If you work in retail do you know how exactly they decide who to stop and who to search? Is it even legal to detain someone after they purchased their items? Has this happened to you before?

Is this a form of profiling?

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