The holidays aren't that far off so maybe it's time to start some early shopping? Or, in this case, maybe not. Ever walked into one of your favorite barbeque restaurants and soaked in that wonderful scent all around you? Well, now you can wear it on your sleeve wherever you go for a limited time. Literally.

Arby's is apparently releasing it's own line of sweatshirts and sweatpants that were smoked in meat, so you'll actually smell like a BBQ pit. The apparel, called Arby's Smoked Sweats, will coincide with the fast food chain's new Country Style Rib Sandwich. Well, we suppose there's far worse things a person's sweats might smell like, but it's still kind of weird. But according to a website called Chewboom, the sweats were actually smoked by real pitmasters at at Sadler’s Smokehouse in Texas. The clothing will be available for a limited time.

You may want to avoid walking through any neighborhoods with a lot of loose dogs. Arby's has locations in Newburgh, on Route 17K, and in Waterbury, Connecticut.

In other fast food related news, McDonald's announced that the Mcrib will return to all restaurants November 1 for a limited time. The boneless pork (if you want to really call it that) thing on a bun has become a popular special item through the years with customers, though  Until last year, the McRib hadn't been made available at all Mcdonald's locations nationwide since 2012. Through the years, it's the limited-time menu item has been rolled only at certain select locations, making it hard to find for many.

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