Have you ever considered running for any kind of town office? Do you just look at your community and think, "Damn, this could be so much better, but you know what, nobody asked me!" Well, what if it was you in charge? What if you could have a bigger say in your community, and take action on the things that you want to see improved. Well, if you live in the City of Poughkeepsie, you may have you chance to hold some power in your community and potentially make a difference.

The Common Council is Seeking Individuals

The Common Council is looking for individuals to fill positions on several boards, committees, and commissions:

  • Land Bank Board: Pursuant to New York State's Land Bank Program, the Dutchess County-Poughkeepsie Land Bank was approved in August 2020. The DCPLB's mission, according to their website, is to promote equitable and sustainable development through the rehabilitation of vacant, abandoned and underutilized properties in ways that are guided by ongoing community input with the hopes of fostering housing that is affordable, that nurtures communities of choice and access, and that support economic, environmental and social resiliency.
  • The Public Arts Commission: This commission's duty is to expand community awareness and advocate for the role and value of arts and culture in civic life. The commission's job is to work to strengthen the local economy by gaining greater regional and national recognition, advancing Poughkeepsie as an "arts destination" and engaging public art as a major attraction for artists, cultural tourism and economic development. The Commission strives to advise the City on issues relating to the arts, including the development, implementation, evaluation and potential modification of the City's art and culture policies, legislation, programs and services. The Public Arts Commission seeks to have a wide range of arts and cultural offerings that engage a diverse public audience in the City of Poughkeepsie.
  • The Ethics Committee: The Ethics Committee aims to uphold a high degree of moral conduct by ensuring compliance to the City of Poughkeepsie Code of Ethics for city public officers, employees, and appointed volunteers, by promoting integrity by informing these persons of their ethical responsibility, and by acting as impartial arbiters of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics.
  • The Industrial Development Agency: The IDA's goal is to build the industrial and economic strength and resilience of the City with the intent of growing employment, jobs, and city revenue.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving on one of the above boards/committees/commissions, you can send your resumé and letter of interest to ssalem@cityofpoughkeepsie.com by July 8th.

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