Updates can take a long time and be very frustrating. I have always been an iPhone person and for the most part I enjoy most things about the phone. The model I have is a little older and I've been trying to push it along until the next pay day so I can get an upgrade. The other day I had to do a HUGE update on it and it was pretty annoying what happened after.

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What issue did the iPhone update cause?


I'm going to start by saying it's not just me who feels this way and I'm not a big complainer. A few of my friends also have iPhones and said trying to navigate it after the update has been very difficult. Not only did the update take FOREVER, but it changed so many things about my phone...grrrrr (I'm still not over it if you can tell).

More update issues:

First if all, the spot where the time is on the home screen is now in a completely different place (anyone who wakes up early knows you that you don't mess with that). Second, after the update completed I tried to find my Facebook app and it was in a completely different place. In fact, all of my apps were in different places and I keep clicking on the wrong ones. I can't even tell you how many times I have hit Google Maps instead of Instagram recently. Ugh...

I get that the technology needs to update, but maybe we can find some middle ground? Can we not change everything and just work the bugs out? Did your iPhone recently do an update and are not having it? Share with us on the station app.

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