As the holiday shopping season approaches s here in Western New York, there will be an influx of shoppers from our friends from up North, Canada.

As more and more Canadians head over the border to do some shopping, there are some things that you will want to avoid doing in order not to annoy them

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Check out 5 things that really annoy Canadians

1. Losing The Letter U From Their Favorite Words - The one difference between Canada and America is the English alphabet. Canada still uses the one from England while America has adopted its own. The biggest difference is the letter U in words like Color, Favorite, and honor. In Canada, they are spelled colour, Favourite, and Honour.

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2. Too Much Gravy On The Poutine - Poutine is a Canadian favorite dish and many American places have it on the menu. The worst thing you can do is put too much gravy on the dish. It turns it into mush. To appease our Canadian friends, make sure to have just the right amount of gravy.

Hertz & @Foodgod Fueling Customers as They Arrive in LA
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3. Milk In A Box - If you ever bought milk in Canada, you know it comes in a bag. Here in the States, it comes in cartons big and small. Your best bet is to hand your Canadian friend milk in a glass

Organic Food's Popularity Soars In The U.S.
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4. Swear Words Being Bleeped On TV - If you grew up here in Western New York, you know that the Canadian government is a bit more relaxed when it comes to censorship. The CBC and CTV both let some "Adult" words make it on the air. In order to make our Canadian friends more comfortable, maybe drop an "S" word for H E double hockey sticks when talking with them.


5. All The Money Is The Same Color - Unlike Canada, when American business owners hand money back to Canadians, they hand them all the same color green paper money which Canadians are not used to. So if possible, keep some colorful Canadian money on hand to give back to Canadian shoppers.

British Convert Pounds To U.S. Dollars
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