If Ames stores can do it so can these stores we all loved shopping at.

Last month we told you about the possibility of Ames stores returning to parts of the country and as soon as the rumor started to go "viral" many, including us, got excited that it would be great for Ames to come back to the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.

In its heyday, Ames had a bunch of stores across the area including stores in Hyde Park, Kingston, New Paltz, Highland, Napanoch, Catskill, Greenville, and Greenport, all areas that would probably welcome the department store back with open arms! If the rumors turn out to be true and the legendary Ames department stores are actually making a return don't you think that should open the door for some of our other favorites to shop at back in the day to make a comeback?



Before I ever stepped foot into an Ames store my go-to place for shopping was at Jamesway. If you don't remember them, they were similar to Ames, as they were also a discount department store that first opened a store in 1961 in Jamestown, New York. At its peak, Jamesway had over 130 stores in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions including stores in Ulster, Dutchess County, and Orange County, with one store located in Monroe, New York catching fire and burning down in April of 1990 according to Wikipedia. Jamesway stores all closed in 1995.

YouTube/Orlando Rotundo
YouTube/Orlando Rotundo

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Probably one of the biggest names in discount chain stores, Caldor opened stores back in the 50s and at one time was doing somewhere around $1 billion a year in sales with around 150 stores. We had Caldor stores all over the Hudson Valley with stores in Poughkeepsie and Kingston to name a few. The one thing I remember most about Caldor isn't so much the stores but it was the flyers that would come with the Sunday newspapers. I can remember my mom looking at those flyers every week and circling the things we would have to get the next time we went shopping.

These are just two of the many stores that have come and gone in the Hudson Valley, so if there's a store you miss and think should attempt an "Ames-type" comeback let us know by sending a message through the Wolf country app and we will add it to the list.

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