Have you ever walked past something before and had to do a double take? I was walking through Goshen and came across a historical marker. This immediately caught my eye and I had to turn back to learn more.

We all know that there is an extensive amount of history here in the Hudson Valley. Some towns date back to the early 1600's. The more that I explore, the more that I learn about the life changing and historical facts that made the Hudson Valley what it is today.

There are also people who helped guide this state along the way. Some of them are still remembered today through monuments, signs and even historical markers.

Anna Elizabeth Dickinson was a well known, public figure in the 1800s. She is one of the few who have their own historical marker located in Goshen. She took pride in fighting for women's rights and speaking out when needed.

Her work allowed her to be a part of President Abraham Lincoln's gathering and lecture in which she was only 21 years old at the time. Later in life, she was known as “Queen of the Lyceum" for being one of the most popular speakers.

Dickinson also had plays that she wrote. Mark Twain was also impressed by Dickinson's style of lectures, speeches and performance.
She also helped during the Civil War by visiting those in need and doing what she could to lift their spirits. Dickinson also spent time with Frederick Douglass.

Some wonder why there is such little information about one of the most inspirational women on the East Coast. If you have ever seen the historical marker, you may also know that Dickinson was referred to as "America's Civil War Joan of Arc".

This marker signifies one of the places Dickinson lived during her time. Click here to see the historical marker and learn more.

Have you ever heard of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson before? Will you visit this marker? Share with us below.


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