Turns out, Dunkin' has to thank a legendary Hudson Valley business for much of its success.

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In 1903, Samuel Effron started what's now called EFCO Products in Poughkeepsie and for over the past 110 years has helped make life in the Hudson Valley, the United States and across the world sweeter.

Over 100 years ago, horse-drawn carts trotting along roads in the Hudson Valley sold flour, the first product available from what would become EFCO Products, according to the company's website.

In 1937, Samuel Effron and his wife, Sadi, expanded the company and started selling jellies, jams and fruit fillings, according to the Council of Industry. In 1946 the company started to concentrate on bakery fillings and mixes.

"Little has changed in the 100-plus years that the Effron family has been offering its products to bakers looking for only the finest ingredients. Sure, the product line has expanded greatly from that elemental bag of flour and the distribution has come a long way from that horse and buggy, but some things remain unchanged: a commitment to quality; unrelenting business principles; and a family that knows the value of customer relationships," EFCO Products writes on its website.

For many years, EFCO’s delicious fillings are found in donuts sold by Dunkin'.

"DYK? EFCO Products' #Poughkeepsie plant makes the cream filling for Dunkin Donuts," Think Dutchess tweeted.

EFCO Products has also provided Perkins Restaurant, Friendly's Ice Cream, Pathmark Supermarkets and more companies with its bakery fillings, bakery mixes, fruit and cream fillings, jellies and syrups, manufactoring.net reports.

Today, EFCO Products is still privately owned by the Effron family and two generations are actively involved.

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