Are you looking to get out of town or plan a quick vacation? Yes, there is still a long list of states that you will need to self-quarantine when you get back from, but think about it, no lines at Universal or Disney? Maybe this is the time to go, even with a self quarantine order in place?

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Allegiant Airlines has announced more of their 'deal' airfares in the $55-$69 range (each way) to three different destinations from Stewart Airport in Newburgh. As of this writing, the only airline that is flying in or out of Stewart Airport is Allegiant. JetBlue, American,  and Delta have either temporarily halted travel from Newburgh or have announced that they will not be returning.

Where can you go for this inexpensive amount?

  • Fort Meyers/Punta Gorda, FL from $69, each way
  • Tampa/St Pete FL, from $61 each way
  • Orlando/Sanford, FL from $55 each way

Where Allegiant previously had flights from Newburgh to Myrtle Beach, SC, I could not find any flights that were leaving and heading there, as of October 1, 2020.

What is your dream vacation? Do you like museums and hiking trails or would you rather have a vacation that includes a beach? Since the Covid-19 restrictions that were put into place in March of 2020 have you flown? Maybe taking Amtrak or the train is a better alternative? 

If you could get Allegiant to fly from Newburgh/Stewart to one airport in the United States, (that they weren't already serving) where would that airport be? Where would you like Allegiant to fly?

If you are interested in starting your trip from the Albany airport, Allegiant has fares in the $45-$65 range for the same destination cities. If you would rather start your journey in Newark, there are 5 cities that Allegiant has put on "sale" with fares ranging $35-$59 each way.

According to the Allegiant email, these flight prices are only good for tickets purchased through October 3, 2020. The dates of travel include October, December, and January. If you book the tickets and then change your mind, they are giving you a chance to cancel the tickets within 24 hours of your original booking.

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