You probably (as a awesome pet owner that you are), already know this, but here is a good reminder. Your pets are undoubtedly your family members, and you want nothing bad to happen to them.

That being said, as we begin the holiday celebrations, families sometimes forget about the new "pet hazards" that are now in homes. According to, here are a few things you should be mindful with four-legged furry family members walking around the house:

Holiday ornaments & tinsel: If you have a cat, you may have seen first-hand how tinsel can attract and fascinate a cat. But if they ingest it, it can actually twist their intestines. If you know they have swallowed or eaten some, call the vet. Same goes for cats that love the ribbons that were once on gifts. My cat, Sophia loves the ribbons and the tissue paper from inside the packages. She, like most cats are fascinated with ribbons and will play with them for hours; others will try to eat it and it can be a choking hazard.

For pets that are chewers, and this goes for both cats & dogs, watch out for the Christmas lights. If 'Fluffy' decides to chew on them while they are plugged in, they could possibly be electrocuted. Cats are more willing to chew on power cords than you might think, always double check on your pets, especially if they have been quiet for a bit or just out of your sight. Think of your pet as a toddler who can hurt themselves or get into serious trouble the moment they get out of your line of vision.

Holiday Foods: These things are similar to what you have to watch out for on Thanksgiving, but Christmas & Hanukkah bring more chocolate into the house, which depending on what type is eating can cause vomiting, diarrhea and seizures. When you can, keep the "no people food" rule. Yes, this can be very tough, but it is better for your pet.

Holiday Plants: Which plant is poisonous, which is not? The big one to watch out for around the pets is Poinsettias, but mistletoe and holly can also upset your pets' stomach and cause vomiting.

Keep all of the above in mind to keep your pets safe this holiday. Yes, you love your pet and would never want anything to happen to them. Just remember these things as you continue to celebrate the holiday season.

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