A few years back, this was a big gift on someone's Christmas list, a wreath that cost $4.6 million dollars. Yes, a wreath. Obviously at this price, you probably wouldn't want to place it on your front door for just anyone to come and help themselves to.

After the last 9 plus months of Covid, I ask to you, would this actually be a 'thing' on someone's Christmas list this year? 

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Every year, I look forward to finding out how much all of the gifts would cost (for that year) from the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas." PNC has calculated the cost, each year for the last 37 years and this pandemic year is no different. So how much will those 12 plus gifts cost you in 2020? $16,168.14. Does that sound like a big number? Well, it is less than 50% of what it cost last year. When you get a moment, click here for the full report and you can see just how much those 12-Dancers-Dancing, will really cost.

So, back to the wreath. Why is that wreath so expensive? Is it the size? Nearly two-feet across? No, that's not it.

Maybe it has something to do with the 40 diamonds and rubies that the wreath is decorated with? A combined total of 138 carats. Please note that carats are what gems are measured in by weight, not carrots, which are a vegetable and do not have more value that a dollar or two per pound.

Think of what would happen to the gems when the greenery of the actual wreath dies. What would happen to the jewels? You could take them to a jeweler and have them put into another piece of jewelry, at an additional cost.

What is the most expensive Christmas present you have ever purchased or have ever received?



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