We all love pets.  Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, horses, guinea pigs.  Many times when selecting a pet we will look for a variety that is not that common.  It makes us (or actually our pets) more unique.  Maybe even something to be envied by others.

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But where do we draw the line?  Whether the animal, must be caged, if it is destructive or even dangerous?  New York State does have some guidelines as to the animals it is legal to own.

The bill is titled NY State Senate BillS18838 is described here and basically...

"...prohibits the import, export, process, purchase, trade, barter, distribution, sale or transportation of any of the "big five African species" and give any law enforcement officer authority to enforce this prohibition and upon conviction or other legal circumstances such
prohibited items would be forfeited. Further, the section creates exceptions for products already in New York before this act is effective, is part of a museum, or is directly distributed to a legal beneficiary of a trust or legal heir."

You may want to also speak with a New York State veterinarian with regard to disease, prognosis, treatment, and individualized advice before purchasing an exotic animal.

NOTE: This article is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge, but should not be used as a legal guide for the purchase or the keeping of animals as pets in New York State.

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Exoctic Pets You Can Own In New York State

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