Do you already have an E-Z Pass? Do you love it? Do you not love it? I have had a mostly love relationship with my E-ZPass since I got it 20 years ago? Wait, anyone remember the book of tickets that you used to be able to purchase to use to go across the New York State Bridge Authority Bridges? Whatever happened to those things?

I digress, having one of these little white doohickeys adhered to the interior of my car window has been pretty helpful as someone who doesn't keep cash or coins on their person or in the car.

So, this white transponder (the official name for the doohickey) what else can it do? Something tells me that it can't order a pizza? Or help you with directions? But there are at least 7 places that you can use it to pay for something that is not a bridge or highway (thruway) toll. What are those things? Parking places.

You will need to have an E-Z Pass Plus account. Don't stress, it is basically your E-Z Pass hooked up to a debit or a credit card and then you have to say yes, that you want to be able to use it at the following places. As a person who does not keep cash, like I mentioned before, its super easy to get back from a trip, and then pay for your parking this way.

Here are the 7 places (so far) that you can use your E-Z Pass at:

  • Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ
  • LaGuardia Airport, NY, NY
  • JFK International Airport, NY, NY
  • Albany International Airport, Albany, NY
  • Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic City, NJ
  • New York Avenue Parking Garage, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Great New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY

If there is another place that will take the E-ZPass as a payment device, please let us know.

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