Many people are looking to buy real estate in New York. Here are some cities and towns that financial experts would warn you to stay away from.

I've been house hunting in the Hudson Valley for a couple of years now and things aren't looking too good. I had finally saved up just enough money for a significant down payment on my first home and then a global pandemic hits. The pandemic shut down New York City which drove a lot of residents north to the Hudson Valley region. This has made housing almost impossible to find. Houses that were around $265,000 two years ago are now selling for around $350,000. The mortgage interest rate has also increased.

If you buy a home in the Hudson Valley right now, there's a good chance you are going to be there for a while until you can get a return on your investment, so you might want to search for a place that is the most desirable.

According to Money Inc, there are 20 towns and cities that are considered the worst places to live in New York. Of those 20 places, there were 8 Hudson Valley locations that made the list. The list was put together based on several statistics ranging from things like safety, job opportunities, education, and even entertainment.

Here are Hudson Valley cities and towns that the experts at Money Inc say to avoid in no particular order.

Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Schenectady, Wappingers Falls, Goshen, Monroe, and Monticello.

Monticello did rank #1 on the list. A fast food restaurant in Monticello was recently trashed by Impractical Joker, Sal Vulcano on a recent podcast episode.

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