I've had one paranormal experience in my life, but I'm pretty sure I was just a little tipsy and hearing things. I was at The Vault on Main Street in Beacon enjoying an espresso martini and heard someone whisper "hello" behind me.

There was no one there. But the bar staff says that they have a "ghost" who liked to play tricks on people. Again, I had been drinking so this might not be accurate.

I digress.

With that being said, today (May 3rd, 2021) is National Paranormal Day. Here in the Hudson Valley, we have a ton of legends and paranormal experiences that we've heard about for years. From Bigfoot to UFO's and ghosts. The Hudson Valley is home to some real spooky sites.

Have you had an extraterrestrial experience? Have you seen a ghost?  We'd love to hear your haunted Hudson Valley stories.

While you gather the courage to retell your scary stories, here are a few from around the Valley that will make you slightly freaked out...


7 Creepy, Paranormal Hot Spots in the Hudson Valley

Have you ever gotten a chill when walking by these "haunted" Hudson Valley locations? It was probably a ghost.

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