The price may be steep, but the home, barn, guest house and land for days make this seem like a steal.

A steal that I will never be able to afford in my lifetime! But, one can dream, right? I came across this listing of a stunning Elm Drive property in East Berne. For sale right now for the hefty price of $7.5 million, it's the most expensive home in the Capital Region available for purchase. Pretty expensive right?

But when you see this stunning home the scope of what that $7.5 million will buy you, the price seems right:

  • An 8,800 square foot 5-bedroom, 5+ bath home on 350 acres
  • A stunning horse barn and indoor arena
  • An extra 4-car garage
  • A second 2,500 square foot 4-bedroom home

I could keep going on about the great country feel and features of this one in the listing, so let's just let these stunning photos do the talking!

East Berne Country Paradise

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