Thanks to a local Department of Transportation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a six-year-old Cancer survivor got to push the button to blow up a part of a U.S. Highway Saturday morning.

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The child, whos name is Archer, helped TxDOT crews implode a portion of the bridge so they can rebuild it to make it longer and not as steep. Archer had the honor of bringing it all down according to KXAN-TV.

“I blew up a bridge,” said Archer on Saturday morning. “It was fun and it was loud!”

Crews have been working to implode the stretch of road which included the bridge for the past couple of weeks, and once the remainder of the bridge was brought down  the rebuilding is scheduled to begin.

The boom happened at 6 a.m. Saturday morning and all lanes of the interchange were closed for two hours to accommodate.

Brad Wheelis, a spokesperson with TxDOT, said after last time a demolition similar to this happened they saw how the community reacted and knew they could make it special.

"We don’t do this every day," Wheelis said. "How can we make it special for someone else?"

The TxDOT then partnered with MakeAWish, letting Archer push the button. Archer, a Leukemia survivor, was diagnosed at just 10 months old.

"We were very excited to have him on board, we couldn’t have done it without him," said Wheelis.

Archer had his first wish granted and was able to go to Disney and meet Mickey Mouse. But he said this experience was way better.

Archer’s dad, Kevin, said that they are so thankful for this opportunity and the support from the community.

"We’d really like the thank all the folks at Dell Children’s, MakeAWish, TxDOT, all of these organizations have been a big part of our lives these past few years," he said. "Really appreciate everyone involved."

Wow...when I was a kid I thought my little Tonka backhoe was cool...I couldn't imagine having an experience like this.


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