No, this is about burritos, not a type of a person that you will find on an online dating app. Wait. We could be on to something, a dating app that sets people up based on what type of burrito they like the most?! Mind blown.

Here are the types of burritos that I have come across in the Hudson Valley, one of them is completely new to me, I had never heard of it.

  • Now there is the "Traditional Beef & Bean" or Bean & Cheese style. These are the classics. Usually they are inexpensive and always tasty. This is probably your more dependable burrito. I don't expect this one to make a mess all over my clothes, just be good and filling.
  • The "It Looks Like a Small Baby" burrito. This is one that you will find at a few places that love to combine unique ingredients and then shove it all into the largest tortilla that you can find. Odds are you will only get this type at a restaurant and you will want to eat it there. This burrito will require a knife, for and about 3 to 5 napkins (depending on the size of the napkin). Expect to bring about half of this type of burrito home. Bonus though as you get to have leftovers.
  • The Breakfast burrito. Talking with a few burrito traditionalists (aka by snobby burrito eating buddies) they don't consider this to be a 'real burrito' but I totally do. How awesome is it to be able to get scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes and possibly meat in a warm tortilla and eat it while walking around? That is great!  I have found that if you do walk with this type of burrito the eggs create a bunch of moisture, which will get on you, unless you double wrap the bottom of the burrito with paper towels or napkins. Hey, just giving you a heads up so you don't have to change your shirt or pants first thing after you head out for the day.
  • The "Wet Burrito." Now this is the category that I had never heard about. Yep, hey, once I heard about it, I had to try it. A Wet Burrito is a one that is covered in a red or green sauce then topped with cheese and or some additional garnish, then served to you on a plate. Ok. This is definitely one that you should try, especially if you find yourself using extra salsa or hot sauce on your traditional burrito. You will need to be seated to eat this one, and a knife and fork is an absolute requirement. You might even had to use what I refer to as the 'Bachelor Eating Over the Sink Technique). Never heard of that? It requires you to lean a bit more at the waist so your mouth is over the plate, thus if food falls it has a better chance of landing on the plate than it does your shirt or your lap. You might also want to keep your elbows up when bringing the fork to your mouth. This will keep you from potentially getting food on your shirt.
  • Now the rest of the burritos. I started thinking and then I started having arguments with myself about if the following items could be considered burritos? Egg Rolls? It is wrapped in the dough just like a burrito? Then fried. Same with a Chimichanga, right? What about a Cannoli? It is an outside crust that is filled with something delicious? Could it be considered a burrito? Ok, what about an enchilada or an empanada? Again, these things are a wrapper that has been filled with tasty ingredients. Wait! Is a wrap sandwich essential a burrito without beans or rice? 

What type of burrito do you prefer to eat? Did I forget a style? Email me and we can discuss! I will probably be eating a burrito when I respond to you.

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