I love putting the spotlight on little towns throughout the Hudson Valley. The history behind each unique village tells a specific story.  I bought my sister a few books about local, historic towns and it was so fascinating to see how they started vs where they are right now.

The Village of Montgomery is located in Orange County and alongside the beautiful Wallkill River. Let’s take a step back into time and a mini history lesson of this fascinating town.

  • Montgomery was settled in the 1700’s

European settlers made Montgomery their home during the 1700’s. By the 1800’s, folks from Germany, Ireland, Italy and settled along the area. They built farms on the land adding to the economy and helping the agricultural aspect flourish.


  • Ward’s Bridge was the first name of Montgomery.

Can you imagine if this town’s name was still Ward’s Bridge? How different would life be now? This name came from George James Ward who built the first bridge across the Wallkill River and was a mill operator.


  • Montgomery was later named after General George Richard Montgomery.

I have walked through Montgomery and saw statues of a man and wondered who he was, now I know. General George Richard Montgomery was known as a hero during the Revolutionary war. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1775 during the battle of Quebec. Montgomery was later named after him in the early 1800’s.


  • The first railroad station was built in Montgomery during the late 1800’s.

A man named Chauncey Brooks played a huge role in the growth and expansion of Montgomery. Brooks was an engineer, settler and was known as the designer and builder of many houses in this area. Thankfully, the railroad allowed products that were made locally on the mills to be transported throughout the state even to New York City.


  • City Winery Hudson Valley used to be Montgomery Mills.

City Winery is one of my favorites to grab a drink and dine in within the Hudson Valley. Did you know the history behind it? I would check this place out for the great atmosphere and food. You can see how it used to be a part of history along with the historic site sign on the grounds. The Wallkill River was the main source of the industrial work that used to happen there.


Have you ever visited Montgomery? Share your experience below.

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