I know a lot of people that run to those big box stores everytime they need hardware or a tool, but that’s often not your best bet. There are some things in certain sizes that I’ve only been able to find at one of our locally owned hardware or lumber stores. And in an effort to support local and smaller businesses, that’s where I prefer to shop. Think you’d like to discover some of our great locally owned hardware stores? I’ve made a list of 5 of my favorites right here in Dutchess County.

5 Locally Owned Hardware Stores in Dutchess County

Local Hardware Stores Better Than the Big Box Stores

So, the next time you need hardware, tools, or just about anything to make life easier around the house, try one of these locally owned stores istaed of running to the big box stores. You'll get what you need, and you'll be supporting local small business. And that's agreat thing.

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