Natalia Silych

So there are a few apps that have been helping with the isolation that I have been feeling with the COVID-19 isolation. Keep in mind these are helping me, will they help you? Only you can decide. No one is paying me to suggest the following;

  1. 94.3 Lite FM. Seriously? How could I not make a shameless plug for this. It is worth it for the listen live to stream music where ever I am, and the weather and traffic alerts. Trust me on that.
  2. Libby. The Libby app is how I access all of the ebooks in both the MidHudson Library System and the New York Public Library. Yes, I have library cards for both and both are free to get, you just need to show ID that you live in the Hudson Valley and the State of New York.
  3. Headspace. They have teamed up with NYS to offer certain parts of their app for free. I was having trouble staying asleep and then started to use the sleep meditations and the sleep sounds. Again, for me, it helped.
  4. Instagram. Wow. Why does looking at photos that other people post, help lift my spirits or make me laugh? Or let's be honest, I am looking at what is called "food porn." Super tempting photos of pizza, hamburgers, tacos, macaroni & cheese.... sooooo good. Ok, there are good looking guys on there as well, sue me.
  5. My Stop n Shop scan it app. I am able to scan my groceries as I zip through the store, zooming from one aisle to another, all while trying to make no eye contact with anyone and remain 6-feet from everyone at the same time.

Have the above apps made things easier for me, yes, they totally have. What are apps that you find yourself using right now? What are your top ones?

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