Over the past couple of months, I saw people on an Instagram post about red light therapy. I would see pictures of photo shields and how beneficial they are.

Upon going to a local tanning salon, I saw that there was the option to try red light therapy and had to see what it was all about. For me, it was such an uplifting and relaxing experience. I could not wait to do it again and booked my next appointment.

I have read all the benefits of red-light therapy and it made sense with how I was feeling after my session. After talking with the owner of the salon and doing my research, I have continued to my sessions once a week and totally see a difference. For me, the benefits have been both, medical and cosmetic. It is more of an experience that you need to try for yourself and feel the benefits.

Here a few places in the Hudson Valley that you can try red light therapy as well.

Sunset Bay Tanning - Goshen, NY

Located near the village of Goshen, Sunset Bay Tanning has different options. From spray tanning, tanning beds, and red-light therapy, you could spend hours there, relaxing. If you are looking for someone to supply you with knowledge, Q&A’s and information about these services, the owner Nikki has the answers. Treat yourself!

You can find out pricing and package information here.

My Zen Den - Beacon, NY

This wellness center grabbed my attention on Instagram. The owner, Alexandria Gilleo, takes pride in having her space as a place to recharge your energy and recover. The healing benefits at My Zen Den included infrared sauna and red-light therapy. I am already craving a day to relax and rejuvenate here.

Find out how to contact My Zen Den here.

Hudson Valley Healing Center - Poughkeepsie, NY

Hudson Valley Healing Center is the home to many therapeutic services. From red light therapy to their vitamin IV services and their salt cave, I could have a spa day here any day. They also have workshops and events listed on their website. If you are interested in CBD products, this may be your place to check out.

To find out more about their red-light therapy, click here.

Have you ever tried red light therapy? Share with us below.

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