The small town of Odon in southern Indiana was once plagued with 28 fires that happened on the same day. They've never been explained. These are the 28 Fires of Odon.

At first, you might be thinking "Thor sequel," or, at the very least, an episode of American Horror Story that will invariably fall apart at the end. Actually, the increasingly flawed AHS could USE a good story like the one out of Indiana from 1940 that checks off the necessary boxes--repeated, mysterious fires in the same house and the belief that it was the work of poltergeists. Someone call a good screenwriter and make this happen.

Seriously, though, the Odon home owned by William Sackler was plagued by 28 fires that all happened on the same day. Particularly troubling for Sackler--in terms of determining a cause--was that the house had not been wired for electricity. Since the first fire began inside a wall, that's what anyone would think. Another fire started inside a mattress while another, still, seemingly burned up a book from the inside out. tells us that certain theories were quickly dismissed:

Officials were baffled and put forward weak “solutions” such as rogue magnetic fields, gasses seeping from an unused well, and pranks by Hackler’s children.

After the house was demolished and a new one was built, it never happened again and remains, yes, a HUGE Indiana unsolved mystery.

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