There are many towns located throughout the Hudson Valley, but the town of Rhinebeck is possibly the most intriguing. Established in 1686 by a Dutch settlement, Rhinebeck is a flourishing community welcoming both young and old. The town is located just north of Hyde Park and hosts a wide variety of activities, from shopping in the downtown area to hiking in one of the many beautiful parks and nature sites.

Rhinebeck features many annual festivities that draw both people throughout the state of New York as well as the entire Northeast region. From the famous Dutchess County fair that attracts around 450,000 visitors annually to the ritual of Sinterklaas that celebrates traditional European customs that continue to be preserved, there is never a dull moment in this quaint, little town. Whether you're hungry for french and international cuisine or just a classic slice of New York City pizza, Rhinebeck can satisfy your appetite.

While the Coronavirus pandemic has limited what can be done in 2020, here are 25 places and events that have made Rhinebeck "Rhinebeck."

Top 25 Places and Events That Make Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck

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