You might have seen us mention that the 21st Annual Woodstock Film Festival would be changing things up a bit this year 2020 because of Covid. The good news is that now we have more details on how you can participate online and in person.

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The festival will be taking place September 30 to October 4, 2000. No, the movie screenings will not take place as they have in the past all in traditional movie theaters, but the festival will still be taking place.

The festival will take place on a hybrid system with some of the screenings taking place online. You select the movies that you want to see, then pay a price per movie, you then get 48 hours to watch the movies that you selected. Yes, you can pause, get more snacks or go to the bathroom without missing any of the movie.

You will also be able to attend a few of the movies at the selected participating Drive-In's. Did you know that New York has more Drive-Ins that any other state? 

The Overlook Drive-In, and the drive-ins in Greenville and Woodstock will also be screening select movies. If you choose to see a movie at the drive-in you will pay $25 per person, but you will get a double feature.

Want to check out one of the virtual panels? Yes, you can do that as well. There is a per panel price, but you do not have to stream it while it is going on as they will be made available for later viewing.

For more details about this years 21st annual Woodstock Film Festival, click here. 


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