Drive-in movie theaters have provided Hudson Valley residents with a fun safe place to experience entertainment this summer. In some cases, graduations, concerts and other ceremonies took place there too. While several states have none, it turns out New York was well positioned in this department having the most drive-in theaters in America with 28.

According to data compiled by Workwise, Pennsylvania and Ohio are next in line with 27 and 24 drive-in theaters, respectively. Rhode Island offers the most expensive drive-in theater experience averaging $26 per car. Texas has added the most new screens since the 90s with 15

Six of New York's 28 drive-in theaters are located in the Hudson River Valley. Hyde Park, Overlook, Four Brothers, Fair Oaks, Warwick, and Hi-Way drive-ins have all been popular destinations for local residents this summer. And with many new releases on hold, owners have opted for giving classic movies another shot on the big screen with Goonies, Big Lebowski, and others all being big draws this summer.

So if you're hesitant to go back to regular movie theaters, consider a New York drive-in theater to scratch that movie itch until you're more comfortable.

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Hudson Valley Drive-In Movie Theater Locations

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