It’s the first day of February and we can welcome it with open arms. Some of us are enjoying this snow day vs. others are dreaming of a warm vacation.  As children, we couldn’t wait to head outside to enjoy snow tubing and snowman making. Here are some things that we can do make the best of this snow filled day.

  • Binge watch shows

Is there a show that you have been meaning to watch? Snow days allow us to stay in doors and relax. I think I’ll watch some episodes of Fuller House today.

  • Catch up on food prepping

I always want to prep my meals out in the beginning of the week. A snow day allows us to lay low and get things done in our surrounding. I saw some pretty delicious recipes on pinterest.

  • Plan your week

Planning out your week ahead makes things a lot easier. Being organized is key to have less stress. What are some things that you can do help make your week run smoother?

  • Read a book

When was the last time that you read a book? The last time that I actually sat down to read a book was during the summer in the sunshine. Make yourself a warm beverage, curl up with a cozy blanket and enjoy a new book.

  • Transform a room

Is there a project that you have been meaning to get to? Clear out a room, put together a donation bag of what you don’t use and break out the paint. Take this time to redo an area in your home that needs some TLC.

  • Clean your closet

I love going through my things and clearing out what I don’t use anymore. Go through old pictures, old clothes and items that are taking up space. You’ll feel better once you get rid of unused items and make space to bring in new merchandise.

  • Get moving

Whether its cleaning, cooking, working out or doing yoga, be sure to get moving today. Stay warm by being active and getting that pump in.

  • Check emails, update accounts

We sometimes forget to update our accounts and or check old emails. We may find special deals or offers from our favorite stores or old emails from a friend. Clear out your old messages and start fresh this month.

  • Treat yourself to online shopping

When in doubt, shop it out! I like to stock up on my protein powder, makeup supplies and hair products. Check with your favorite stores and see if they have upcoming offers for your shopping day.

  • Plan your next vacation

Have you been dreaming of your next vacation?  Whether you plan to travel out of state or stay within New York, it’s always exciting to look ahead and plan something fun.

How are you spending your snow day? Share with us below and stay warm!

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