I am almost embarrassed to admit how many garage sales I have been to including my own. Garage Sales are one of my favorite ways to shop. They are also a great way to move stuff along you don't want anymore.

Holding a garage sale can be a bit overwhelming if you have never done it before but like anything else, there is a simple process that just about anyone can handle. The key is to have a plan and stick to it. Don't let anything derail your plans to make a bit of money on the stuff that you forgot you even own in your garage or basement.

How to Have a Garage Sale in New York

Artit Buayai
Artit Buayai

1 - The first step is to pick a weekend. Make sure it is one where you have the Friday before and the Sunday after free. The key to a good yard sale is being set up and then being able to clean up. You probably won't have time for either the day of the sale.

2 - No matter what, don't switch your plans. Weather will often cause people to cancel or change the date of their planned yard sale. Die-hard yardsale shoppers don't mind a little rain. If you are worried about your stuff getting wet get a tent or set up in the garage.

Couple Clearing Garage For Yard Sale Laughing

3 - Setting up in the garage is actually a good plan no matter what the weather because that allows you to keep the early birds in the driveway until you are ready. It also allows you to close the door when you're done. If you are set up in the garage on the day of the sale, all you have to do is open the door and start selling stuff.

Things You Should Do to Have a Yard Sale in New York

.4 - Try to price stuff so that people have an idea of your prices but also have tables of stuff for a dollar. Seasoned yard sale buyers will try making a pile which is ok. It's the way you know and so will others that someone has laid claim to those items. In the end, they may offer you one price for all of it. Feel free to up the bid if you want but be cautious you don't go so high they leave you holding your stuff. Remember the idea is to get rid of it. Any money your get is money you didn't have.

5 - Get change from the bank and by that I mean singles and fives. It also doesn't hurt to have a forgery marker in case someone shows up with some large bills. If you are taking in a one hundred dollar bill and giving back change, you want to know that it's real.

Moving boxes and furniture in new home

6 - Have extra boxes around that people can take. Most yard sale buyers come with their own bags and boxes but you having boxes handy means they can carry more therefore they can buy more.

7 - Finally make sure people know you are having a sale. The signs are good. Social media posts work but there are now also yard sale apps that people have on their smartphones that show all the yard sales nearby. You definitely want to be on those. Check out this list of the 9 best from Tally Sheet.

Hopefully, these tips have you ready to make some money on that junk in your garage that will soon be someone else's treasure.

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