We're all looking to save a few bucks, and food and groceries can be a huge drain on your budget. But would you resort to eating a diet that consisted mainly of unhealthy food just to save money?

We're not sure if the man from the following story is one of America's smartest or most foolish individuals? Maybe a bit of both. However, his story on how he saved thousands of dollars over the years by eating amusement park food has gone viral.

Amusement Park For Lunch

The 33-year-old electrical engineer purchased an unlimited annual pass for $150 in 2014 to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The pass entitled him to unlimited roller coaster access, free parking, and two free meals a day, according to the Take Out. To make matters even more convenient, the the theme park happened to be only a 5 minute drive from his office, So, he had a plan to save money. he was going to buckle up and eat there two times a day. At first it wasn't so easy.

"Shitty, unhealthy food"

According to the A.V. Club, while he was saving money to pay off student loans, his first year of the Six Flags diet consisted "entirely of shitty, unhealthy food". Since then, he says his future wife moved in with him ,which lead him eating at Six Flags a little less than  he used. Also, the theme park's food options have since expanded and offered  number of healthier options. So, maybe not just burgers, fries, and hot dogs for two meals a day anymore?

However, according to what the man told MEL Magazine, he spent over six years eating at Six Flags, which comes to an estimated 2,000 meals for essentially 50 cents a meal. With the money he saved, he payed off most of his student loans, got married, and bought a house. He's pretty much living the American dream. of course, we don't know how much weight he may have gained of the effect this sort of diet will have on his health as he gets older.

Loaded Weiner 

His favorite meal at Six Flags? That would be a seasonal specialty monstrosity called the Thanksgiving Dog. It's basically a loaded turkey hot dog. he told MEL it was nothing short of life-changing.

It’s a turkey dog topped with cranberry sauce, stuffing and a slathering of mayonnaise, which I know sounds awful, but it was so good. I ended up eating way too many of them, and now I can’t even smell turkey dogs without gagging.

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