A man took to Reddit explaining he faced family backlash after proposing to his fiancée with his late grandmother's diamond engagement ring, which was left to his mom.

The mom had originally planned on passing the ring down to his sister, but she already had a ring from her husband. Instead, the mom gave the ring to her son so he could give it to his new fiancée.

However, when it came time for him to pop the question, his sister objected as his fiancée wanted to alter the ring.

"My girlfriend was amazed at the size of the rock, but didn’t like the ring — it was a traditional solitaire setting in white gold — and asked if we could take the diamond out and use it in something more modern," the man wrote via Reddit. "She picked a new platinum setting with a couple of smaller diamonds and I was glad to save money."

The man explained his mom was "surprised" by the decision, but he insisted she wasn't "upset" and only requested he return the setting to her as the inside is engraved with his grandparents' initials and a personal message.

He thought everything was fine until his sister saw the ring for the first time while they were gathered at their parents' house for Father's Day.

When the sister asked to see the ring, she was surprised that it looked different than their grandmother's original ring, not knowing they had altered it. Then she became upset.

CHUTTERSNAP via Unsplash
CHUTTERSNAP via Unsplash

The man eventually confronted his sister, wanting to know why she was mad as he thought they all agreed he could have the ring. She told him if she knew he was "going to mutilate" the ring she never would "have told mom to give it" to him.

She said that while it was his "prerogative" to remove the diamond for a new ring, "the setting was a piece of family history and sentimental and she didn't want it getting tossed aside."

The frustrated brother noted he was angry after their exchange, saying his sister "spoiled" his engagement.

In the comments, however, users rallied behind the sister, Many thought the man was in the wrong and should have gotten permission from everyone before altering the ring.

"You clearly missed the sentimentality of the piece and just plain old dropped the ball on asking Mom if it was okay to reconstruct the piece. Of course, Mom seemed okay with it after the fact, what else was she going to do? Wrestle the ring off your girlfriend's finger and demand it be put back together?" one person wrote.

"If he weren't so selfish, there would be no need for a new stone in the first place, because he'd have told his girlfriend: 'No. I'm happy to save up and get you a ring you like, but I will not be dismantling a treasured family heirloom because you want a bigger diamond for free,'" another commented.

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