WMCHealth and WMCHealth Physicians/Advanced Physician Services have announced that regular office hours are resuming at their medical practices office in Dutchess, Ulster, and Delaware counties.

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New York is allowing for the resumption of medical practice visits based on the status of coronavirus impact, including a drop in COVID-19 cases, in specific counties. This return of regular office hours for medical practices closely follows last week's resumption of outpatient ambulatory procedures and testing.

Here are the next steps for individuals who receive their primary or specialty medical care from medical practices in these counties:

  • Medical practice offices are contacting patients who are due for follow up care
  • Patients who earlier rescheduled an office visit for routine care, such as an annual
    physical will receive an appointment reminder and should feel free to call their
    provider's office if they need to adjust their appointment date.
  • Patients who need an appointment can call their provider's office or our temporary call center at 1-833-329-0095 for convenient transfer to a provider’s office. Medical practices will schedule an office appointment as quickly as possible or offer an appointment through telehealth (video) or phone if that is more convenient for the patient.
  • Individuals who are not established with a provider, or who need to see a new provider for any reason, can call 1-833-329-0095 for connection to an area medical practice.

There are many safety protocols that are in place to protect patients and the workforce of WMCHealth. For more information can be found on WMCHealth's website.

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