Are you a frequent visitor to the Walkway Over the Hudson? You will notice a something new on the West bound side or the Highland side. There is a new sculpture that depicts a woman who was an Ulster County resident and leader in the womens suffrage movement.

The sculpture is honoring Sojourner Truth, who was born in Ulster County with the name Isabella "Bomefree" Baumfree. She is a woman who was able to free herself from slavery one year before legal enslavement ended in the State of New York. She then went on to become a preacher to speak aloud the inequalities of woman and people of color.

The sculpture that is now available for all to see was created by Yonkers resident Vinnie Bagwell and according to a press release, the statue includes braille, text, and symbols that encourage visitors to move around it and study it.

The folds of Sojourner's skirt also tell a story to those willing to look upon it. The story includes 'images of a young enslaved mother comforting her child, a slavery sale sign, images of her abolitionist peers, and a poster for a Women's Suffrage March.'

2020 marks the 100th year of women being able to vote. You can see the statue any time that you visit the Walkway. It is located on the 'West' or Highland side.

For more details about the Walkway Over the Hudson, click here. 

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