We have been so blessed with all the beautiful weather during this month. For me, I live for heat waves, sunshine, and warm nights. It is peaceful to sit outside, gaze up at the stars and moon and listen to the peepers. There is never a day that goes by that I do not appreciate the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Do you often gaze up at the moon? There is something mysterious and majestic about the night sky. Maybe it is the unknown or to others its familiar, either way it is the perfect time of year to stargaze.

There is going to a Super Flower Moon today, Wednesday May 26, 2021. Even though this moon made its appearance last night, Tuesday May 25th, 2021, there is something special about it today into tonight.

This moon will go into a total eclipse this Wednesday morning. This will be the first total lunar eclipse which has not happened since January of 2019. This will last for about 15 minutes. It is fascinating to think about the moon and how it will take a little less than three hours to cross through the Earth’s shadow.

If you are wondering what a lunar eclipse is, you are not alone. This generally happens when the full moon, sun and Earth align together.

As for the flower supermoon, depending on location you could see it in in the morning or at night.

This will be the second of three supermoons of 2021.

With this being one of the hottest days thus far (which I love), be sure to enjoy the warmth of tonight. Whether you have a homemade cocktail, your favorite food or person next to you, enjoy the beauty behind this flower supermoon. Listen for the peepers and soon enough, the crickets.

Will you be viewing the supermoon tonight? What are your plans? Meet you in the stars, share your thoughts with us below.

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