The first wave of relief funds starting showing in up many American's bank accounts this week, and not a moment too soon. Did you receive your COVID stimulus check? Most will spend their money on the things that are going to get them by; groceries, car payments, bills, and gas. Others might want to sink a little money into those projects around the house they can finally get to now.

What are you spending your money on? Maybe you're not spending it and putting it aside? Perhaps you're donating the money to those less fortunate?

Of course, there are others who may spend those bucks on other items. Items like stripper poles and baby tigers. Yes, according to an article posted by the NY Post, some Americans are spending their cash on weird stuff. One Twitter user said they were getting a stripper pole. Another Twitter user, and wants to put the money down on a baby tiger. We think the would-be Joe Exotic was joking. We think?

According to the article, other people used the money for things such as dildos, the Kanye west inspired Yeezy shoes, e-scooters, and whole bunch of other random things.

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