Some say New Yorkers can be a bit rude when it comes to outsiders, which you may agree or disagree with. But if there was one particular state that New Yorkers had it out for, where would it be? It may not be that hard to figure out, but sure enough, someone did a study on it. You don't have to look far.

The Study

Instagram user Matt Shirley aske his many followers to take part in a survey to find out what states were hated by others states across the country. Looks like New Yorkers hate New Jersey. We probably knew that. But it appears we're not the only ones who resent the Garden State. According to this poll, Connecticut and Pennsylvania seem to share the shame resentment again Jersey. So, who does Jersey hate? According to this study, everyone.


Who Hates Us? 

Massachusetts doesn't like New York very much, but we kind of knew that. The feelings are pretty mutual, at least when it comes to sports teams. 

Looking at the results, there's an awful lot of hate towards California. A good portion of the western U.S. is not too happy with their neighbors from the Golden State. Maybe because so many Californians have relocated over the years? And then there's Florida. Poor Florida must have a complex with all the negative and weird news that the press loves to poke fun at, for Floridians listed themselves as their least favorite state.

Do We Believe This? 

Again, this is by no means a scientific study. According to data thrown together by BestLife Magazine in 2020, New Jersey was the nation's most hated state. These lists are always so subjective. Some studies have even listed Jersey as one of the happiest states in the whole country. They were also named most attractive state in 2020, so it's a matter of opinion. After all, New York and the Hudson Valley haven't always done so well when it comes to some of these studies. 

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