I'd ask you to be mature, but it's hard to keep a straight face when you drive past what may be the funniest road sign in the Hudson Valley. After some research, we now have answers about what exactly it means and who on god's green earth thought it would be a good idea to install in the first place.


Funny Signs in the Hudson Valley, NY

The Hudson Valley has no shortage of funny road signs. Most recently, a local detailing business took advantage of color and font to catch local motorists' eyes in a way that likely few would be proud to admit (there go our minds back down in the gutter...). This homemade masterpiece of the side of Route 52 in Sullivan County, however, was a little more of a head-scratcher.

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WEINERS BUNG, reads the hand-painted masterpiece next to Super Duds Laundromat in Liberty, NY. I almost crashed my car craning my neck as my wife and I drove past. "Get a photo!", I yelled. Apparently I'm not the only one. This sign has quite the following on social media.

"Ok whaaa??", reads one incredulous comment. "Just passed that sign!", said another lucky motorist. So what exactly is Weiners Bung and what prompted someone to plant that sign in the most conspicuous place possible? The answer is unfortunately a little anticlimactic.

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Weiners Bung. is short for Weiners Bungalows. The period that clearly hinted "Bung" was an abbreviation was clearly overlooked by me and many other drivers as we decided instead to laugh at the first eleven characters of the sign instead. It shouldn't be so surprising, as that area of Sullivan County used to be a vacation hotspot, especially when it came to bungalow getaways. We can at least hope the sign's author had a sparkle in their eye when they put paintbrush to plywood, hoping to garner just a little extra attention from passing motorists.

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