Are you a rider who is looking for a great little ride on a Saturday? Head out on a few winding roads before the cold weather takes over? How about a quick trip to Falls Village, CT to a business that will soon be closing their doors.

The reason they are shuttering? This is from a post on their Facebook page:

Toymakers Cafe will be closing its doors because we cannot continue profitably during the cold weather once outdoor dining becomes impractical. Our last day open will be Labor Day Monday, Sept. 7, 2020.

As a place that has long been a destination or meeting place for riders, it is sad to see the business go. The whole building (which includes the current owners living space) is available as a turn-key business.

The reason I will try to make it out there one more time before they close? The waffles, the corned beef hash and the dark roast coffee. For you it might be the Moxie soda and the hamburgers.

Is there a great little place you think we should visit on a Saturday ride? Let us know.

Long Time Cafe Closing, Get One More Breakfast

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