Lock up your medicine cabinet because it's shocking.

Just when I think I've heard everything on the internet, I somehow get completely stunned by whatever next crazy thing is becoming popular. However, it's never good when people try dangerous trends and then use the internet to promote something that can hurt others.

A new viral trend has left people very puzzled, but it's also forced the FDA to put out a warning to prevent people from tying it.


What is the latest viral trend that can be dangerous?

I can't believe I am even saying this....people have reportedly been cooking chicken in NyQuil and other OTC cough and cold medication. Seriously?

How dangerous is it?

According to the FDA it's very dangerous and boiling the medication reportedly makes it much more concentrated. It gets even worse, inhaling the medication's vapors puts high levels of the drug in your body. Don't even get us started if you actually eat the chicken...

If you have children, how do you tackle this trend with them?

The FDA is recommending that parents sit down with their children and explain to them the danger of this. Explain that the trend can cause bad and non-reversible damage and be extremely harmful.

If you are someone you know trend this trend, contact poison control immediately.

@thewyseguySLEEPY CHICKEN CHALLENGE. COOKIGN WITH NYQUIL. COME ON TIKTOKERS REALLY!!! … The world of bizarre social media trends has a new dangerous contender, and it appears to have originated on TikTok — people are cooking chicken in NyQuil!♬ original sound - 1st Class Chris

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