Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, appeared on Monday night's (Oct. 24) episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and addressed future Spice Girls reunions.

"Since Mel C just said that she's always trying to get you back on stage, I'd like to know what are the chances of that actually happening? Especially with Spiceworld's 25th anniversary coming up," a fan asked the star.

"You know, I had so much fun being in the Spice Girls," Beckham shared. "But you know, I think that now with everything else I've got going on — with my fashion, and my beauty line, four children — I couldn't commit to that."

She continued, "But I had so much fun in the Spice Girls. I love the girls. I really, really enjoy singing Spice Girls when I'm doing karaoke, but I think I'd better leave it there."

Cohen then pitched an idea to her based on the May 2022 London premiere of Swedish band ABBA's hologram concert series.

"Apparently it was Simon Fuller's idea––ex-Spice Girl manager Simon Fuller," Cohen said. "Which made me think..."

"Hologram Spice," guest Anne Hathaway chimed in.

"That's a great idea," Beckham agreed.

"Okay, so, let's get it going," Cohen said.

Hathaway joked, "I don't know, I sort of feel like that was British for 'that's a good idea.'"

According to People, Spice Girls' Melanie Chisholm, a.k.a. Mel C, told Extra in early October, "We don't see each other as much as we'd like … but we stay in touch and we're always talking about opportunities and trying to get everyone back on stage together…"

Chisholm also called it her "dream" to get Beckham to join the group on stage again.

"We're always working on her. It's like … 'No pressure. But the world wants it,'" she said.

The Spice Girls last reunited in 2019 for a U.K. stadium tour as a foursome without Beckham.

Watch Beckham's interview on Watch What Happens Live, below:

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