Check out the vintage 70s and 80s decor in the photo gallery below!

Many of us from the Capital Region may not remember this Montgomery County Mall, but if you're from out near Amsterdam, you most certainly do.  With its classic 1970s wood paneling, plants, pastel colors, and even leather chairs, Amsterdam Mall wasn't the shopping giant that rivals Crossgates Mall and Colonie Center are, but it definitely had its own niche.

What used to be inside?

Thriving in the late 70s, 80s, and most of the 1990s, Amsterdam Mall is now known as the "Amsterdam Riverfront Center."  Gone are the days of Tuxego, Fashion Bug, and women's aerobics; the Riverfront Center is now home to corporations, medical practices, and attorney offices.

So what's it like now?

Well, unlike most of the "abandoned" structures that wastefully rot away, this one isn't abandoned.  We like that it's still being used, and we love that we can see inside this old mall where time stands still.

Dead Mall in Upstate New York is a 1970s Nostalgia-Lovers Paradise





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