A Hudson Valley ice cream shop with a medieval vibe is on the market a could be a good investment for the right person. Ice Cream Castle in Kingston is located in a high volume area and is decorated to resemble, you guessed it, a castle.

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Located at 5 Powells Lane, this is a turnkey opportunity with much of the necessary equipment included in the $259,999 asking price. The 1,000+ square foot building has room on the first floor for the expansion of the kitchen and an additional two rooms and a full bathroom upstairs if you wanted to go all-in with a live/work situation.

The small converted home was built in the year 1900 and renovated in 2012. There's room for up to five cars in the drive-in lane and two walk-up windows along with several tables for outdoor seating. And if you're thinking, sounds good but I'm not interested unless there's a large knight riding a horse on the property. Don't you worry, that's already been thought of.

Photo Credit: Loopnet
Photo Credit: Loopnet

Are you ready to be king or queen of your own Ice Cream Castle? A dairy adventure awaits, your highness.

In the meantime, if you want to stop in, they're located just minutes from the New York State Thruway. For additional information on the listing, you can link up with Loopnet.

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