Those aren't crushed up pixie sticks. A New York state man might not be having the best Halloween this year, after law enforcement says he left something behind at his job that he shouldn't have had to begin with. And to think, this man is an employee of the state as well. These are the people looking out for your livelihood. Police say the state employee was arrested after officials discovered a zip-lock bag that was filled with around six and a half grams of cocaine.

WBNG says that police responded to a call October 21 to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Troopers say that staff at the Harriman State campus had reported the bag that had been left behind by the employee. Upon investigation, police confirmed the bag was indeed cocaine. They also found a digital scale nearby, according to reports. It was later revealed that the suspect must have accidenlty dropped the items as he left work. Police arrested him October 25.

The man is now facing multiple charges.

But while this may all sound a bit irresponsible, at least he wasn't dumb enough to call the office and ask if anyone by chance had found his lost coke. That's what happened back in April, as ABC reported that a 40-year-old man misplaced his bag full of white stuff at a medical facility in East Garden City. At some point, he realized he had lost his stash when he returned to his home in Franklin Square. That's when he allegedly picked up the phone and called the office to ask if anyone had seen the drugs he lost. ABC says that an employee at the office indeed found his coke, but instead of returning it to this goofball, they called police instead. Doh!

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